What we do

Business Analysis

Coming from a technology perspective, we will work with you, the expert on your business, to develop bespoke systems to meet your precise needs. Much of our work involves learning as much as we can from you about your business to ensure we can tailor your custom solution to fit your business requirements, and not to force new and unnecessary processes upon you and your employees.

Architecture and Design

Our years of technological experience will be used to ensure that your existing or new systems are designed to work in the best ways possible to assure high performance and ease of use. Many development companies will design systems based on previous work to reduce their cost in developing your application. We prefer to use our previous experience only to guide us in best practices while coming up with the best architecture to meet your requirements.

Software Development

Pulling talent from our team and pool of trusted associates, we can build applications in the most appropriate languages for whichever systems on which you need to operate. Our team has experience with building applications for Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, and Linux. Our strong belief in coding practices & standards and documentation will ensure that the application is maintainable by anyone for many years, assuring a long usable life for your system.

Web Application Development

Much of today's application development is done in the form of web-based applications, which make installation and upgrade compatibility problems a thing of the past. Our team has many years of experience with the major web application platforms available today. We use the latest technologies to ensure a very positive user experience while leveraging the full power of the tools to give you the most functionality.

Who we work with

We have worked with a wide variety of organizations in many different industries. Our clients have ranged in size from small businesses requiring advanced web presence to major corporations requiring niche expertise and great attention to detail.

Some of our recent clients include:

  • Varsity Tutors
  • Government of Yukon
  • Phillips Brewery
  • Stanton Magnetics
  • Fare Logistics
  • Trafford Publishing
  • Epicure Selections

Read about some of our notable projects.